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All there is to know about Dinero

Build your 1st Crore

Buy the 'DIP'

Making the impossible easy

Invest in the Dinero Investment Plan (DIP)

Easiest route to building your 1 Crore

Get Dinero Dibs on every investment

Dinero Investment Plan (DIP)

What is a DIP?

SIP built on the power of compounding.
Make your money work while you sleep

Customisable and Pocket friendly - start with as low as ₹100 and increase every 6 months

Consists of diversified baskets of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Withdraw your money at anytime with ZERO exit charges/penalties

Win ~₹5000 Gold every week

Rewards for Games

Win upto 1 gram 24K Digital Gold & more

Hit the 7-7-7 Jackpot to win ~₹5000 Digital Gold every week

Win upto 1 gram Digital Gold for each combination

Spend 1000 Dibs for each roll. Earn more Dibs as reward by investing

Level up & get Credit

Dinero Pay Later


Stay tuned for a never-seen-before BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) product. Save consistently for your Goals to level up – the higher your level, the more your credit limit and Dibs earned.

Your data is safe with us!

To guard your data we have -
A 3 headed dog the size of a room
A magic spell after that
An unbreakable moral compass

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