About Dinero

Dinero is an investment platform with a single agenda - make personal finance simple, easy and jargon-free for the Indian Genz and Millennials by providing easier investment options and inculcating healthier money management practices, and building wealth.

The core of Dinero is to create a habit-reward ecosystem, incentivizing users with rewards for building good financial habits.  

The ultimate aim to create a community that is financially resilient and strong.  

Today’s future Indians (The Genz and millennials) are clear in their desires and are ready to work and achieve these desires, without compromising – whether it is travel, purchasing the latest gadgets or automobiles, owning assets. With increasing spending patterns, it's best to plan ahead and save up money for these desires.  

Users on Dinero can kick start their investment journey with the Dinero Investment Plan (DIP) - a curated and diversified investment plan with pre-determined fund to invest in. DIP helps users save ₹35Lakhs and the magic of compounding increases it to ₹1Crore, with a starting investment of ₹100. Users invest in low-cost and diversified products (Exchange Traded Funds) - selected & designed by our in-house experts - and can easily track their progress and customize the plan as per their needs.  

Tracking involves –  
1) the amount you invested thus far (month on month),  
2) its current status (investment value after increasing or decreasing based on the fund’s performance),  
3) percentage progress – profit/loss made so far
4) rewards you earned for it thus far. It creates a visual experience for the user for savings/investments.

In this process, Dinero wishes to create a “save before you spend habit” and reward users for building these habits consistently with Digital Gold.  

Dinero rewards users through Dibs – a token with which the user can win up to 1gram (~₹5000) 24K Digital Gold by playing the in-app-games, Slottery and Scratch'em, every week. The idea behind rewarding users with assets (Gold) is to help build wealth and help create value for the users.